A Venture Capital Perspective: Technical Due Diligence in M&A

Today’s technology companies increasingly rely on open source software to create better software and services faster. IDC reports that 30% of the deployed code in the Global 2000 is open source software, and it is likely many times higher in resource-strapped startup environments.  However the day-to-day practice of using open source is often uncontrolled, particularly in startup companies, and can potentially create unknown legal and operational risks with a company’s software assets.

The Importance of Open Source Due Diligence in M&A

Today's technology companies are increasingly utilizing free and open source software (FOSS) to help enable innovation in their development organizations. However the day to day practice of using FOSS is often uncontrolled, potentially creating unknown legal, business and operational risks arising from the unique obligations found in many open source licenses. As a result, acquiring companies are now focusing more heavily on open source and third party code in their due diligence practices to uncover issues before M&A transactions are completed.

From Stone Age to New Age – Applying Open Source Methods in Internal Development

The open source community has proven that great software can be built in a highly collaborative, open environment with participation from a wide variety of developers working in very different environments. If you work in a large company employing hundreds or even thousands of developers, you too can harness the collective intelligence of your fellow developers to deliver more robust, more creative solutions.

Advice for General Counsel: Why having a pro-active open source strategy is good for business

Open source software (OSS) use is mainstream in companies’ large and small, public and private, technology enabled and technology-producing. The size and reach of the OSS world, and the opportunity it holds for almost every business, either technology-enabled or technology-producing is tremendous. General Counsels increasingly face a common dilemma - how to pro-actively develop and leverage an OSS strategy to the businesses they advise. These opportunities most often come in the form of cost reduction or avoidance, increased productivity and greater innovation.


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